Leading with Positive Impact Across the Housing Industry
Be a BLVR - Leading with Positive Impact Across the Housing Industry

Affecting change comes with our impact and empowerment of our industry and communities. It also comes from paying our dues and being willing to start from the bottom and move up. Joining committees and learning from others will open doors along the road. It takes dedication and passion for the industry before we can help others. The housing industry impacts every American, and we consistently pay it forward and learn new ways to generate success and pay it forward.

The Impact of Ego across Leadership Roles
Working toward the greater good means hanging up our egos and shifting our perspectives. Rick Rigsby has a great quote, “Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.” We combat this by working to be conscious of our ego and aware of its impact everywhere, from our strategic meetings to how we interact with our teams, our consumers, and throughout the industry.

You don’t want to stifle the ego of others because then your stifle confidence and candor, which are vital to success. But we must be aware of our ego and acknowledge it so we can move forward positively. The key is asking questions, being willing to understand and be curious about the situation at hand, and learning where ego weakens our ability to work together for the common good.

Take Advantage of The Driving Forces Behind our Industry
It takes the generosity of titans across the industry willing to give of themselves and share their wisdom across the years. That attitude inspires the next generation to empower the up-and-comers they encounter as they become the industry’s new leaders. A pay-it-forward attitude has to come from the top leaders in order to impact those who come later.

Lighting the path for others is a driver for today’s most impactful leaders. Showing grace and involving ourselves in the betterment of the good gives us an advocacy perspective and reveals new ways to empower our consumers through any market and address and clean up the things that take away from bringing new opportunities to our communities.

Hold Ourselves to a Standard of Lifelong Learning to Become our Own Biggest Competitor.
Getting involved in different associations and groups across the industry is an opportunity to learn about the bigger picture. We can learn about our own sector and what our communities are facing, and we have an opportunity to learn about other parts of the industry that we don’t directly work with but have an impact on the industry as a whole.

We get the opportunity to renew our commitment and build dynamic relationships across the industry that help us have a clearer understanding of the role we play, and the ways we can positively affect the future of our industry by working together and finding innovative ways to recognize our competitors are here to toward a common good. Competition makes you healthy and inspires us to level up. But the focus should be on our own development and recognizing new ways to impact our communities better and streamline what we are doing to empower others more.

Our Perspective Shapes Our Leadership
Leaning into our culture and leveling ourselves up as leaders help up have the perspectives of where the industry stands and how to strengthen our industry and our organization. Reaching out to connect with others through involvement in our associations helps bring a holistic view to our organization, empower the consumer to the best of our ability, and learn how to bring the best opportunities to our fellow Americans.